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We provide a complete line of granite and bronze headstones. Granite is available in many shapes and colors. We have design books or can match a design on an existing stone. Designs can be sandblasted or laser etched into the granite.


All of our headstones are installed according to the cemeteries guidelines with sturdy foundations. We can also install new foundations under older headstones which have sunk or tipped.

Headstone Cleaning

We use granite safe cleaner to remove dirt, moss, tree sap, etc. to make your granite look new again. For larger monuments we can clean them with a pressure washer.

Ceramic Photos

All photos are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. These can be installed on new headstones or added to stones purchased previously.

Final Dates

We can arrange for a mobile engraver to come to the various cemeteries to add the final date of your loved one when the time arises.


We are available for cemetery hire to do the opening and closing of graves. This includes tamping of the grave while backfilling to avoid further settling.

We are committed to helping you.

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